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    Radio Electronic Circuits and Schematics
    (Transmitters, Receivers, Antennas, AM, FM)

    Electronics Circuits

    Electronic Circuits

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  • Circuits and Schematics
    C=Circuit Schematics


    1.5V Battery operated FM rebroadcast transmitter [C]
    AC mains powered FM transmitter with pre-emphasis, audio level control, and tuning control [C]
    A One Transistor FM Radio [C]
    2 Transistor FM Transmitter [C]
    4 Transistor Transmitter [C]
    FM Transmitter with Opamp [C]
    FM Stereo Transmitter (BA1404) [C] [C]
    Long range FM transmitter [C]
    FM Transmitter (Colpitts Oscillator) [C]
    FM Transmitter (hartley oscillator) [C]
    Powerful AM transmitter [C]
    AM transmitter [C]
    Surveillance Transmitter Detector [C]
    VHF band TV transmitter [C]


    The Modern Armstrong Regenerative Receiver [C]
    SW Regenereative Receiver [C]
    Bipolar Regenerative Receiver [C]
    Band 2 Preamplifier [C]
    ZN414 Portable Receiver [C]
    SW Receiver Using ZN414 [C]
    R5000 Receiver Computer Interface [C]
    AM Receiver (three transistor, regenerative receiver) [C]
    40 meter Direct Conversion AM / SSB Receiver [C]
    AM Receiver in two parts [C] [C]
    FM receivers basics [C] [C]
    A high-performance FM receiver for audio and digital applicatons [C]
    Short Wave Receiver [C]


    Antenna Tuning Unit [C]
    Medium Wave Active Antenna [C]
    The ATL-3 Loop Antenna [C]
    Q- Multiplying Loop Antenna [C]


    Test a LF quartz crystal [C]
    Automatic Repeater [C]
    UHF TV Preamplifier [C]
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