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    Energy Production by the Help of Microorganisms

    Energy Production by the Help of Microorganisms

    2 May 2010

    Dear webmaster,

    I am doing a project about microorganisms at school. My project title is: "energy production with the help of microorganisms". It is really difficult for me to find relevant information about this topic. I would be grateful if U could send me some information about this. I tried to find help in Skopje (the capital of my country Macedonia) but without success. Even my teacher is not interested too much in this project, but I am so fascinated by this topic and I hope U could tell me something about creation of energy by the process of fermentation.

    Please, I know that perhaps U are too busy but this is really important to me.

    Dear Reader,

    Congratulations, you chose a really important and interesting topic. However this topic is vast and somewhat complicated, not for a short answer as this venue enables.

    Generally speaking, there are a few biological and chemical processes fitting your project title, namely, producing energy with the help of microorganisms.

    • Fermentation production of ethanol, lactic acid, hydrogen.
    • Anaerobic digestion production of biogas rich in methane.
    • Algae fuel production of a biofuel which is derived from algae.

    Please, try the following links which offer many resources and project examples, by topic and grade level, that address your needs.

    Biofuel & Biomass Energy Science Fair Projects and Experiments

    Ethanol Fuel Science Fair Projects and Experiments

    Waste-to-Energy Technology Science Fair Projects and Experiments

    Success with your project,

    My Dog Kelly

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