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    Concerning Science Fair Projects and Experiments


    Science experiments could be very dangerous. All the experiments and activities in this site should be supervised by teachers or adults familiar with electrical and hazardous materials safety procedures and general safety procedures.

    For experiments with animals: when not given appropriate care, can transmit disease. As a rule: all the animals you experiment with should be under veterinary supervision.

    Remember, animals shouldn’t be abused in any way. Ask the permission and consult your school / college / university authorities before you begin an experiment with animals.

    Pay attention to the safety links.

    A few safety links:

    Electrical Safety FAQ
    Electrical Safety Resources
    Chemical Safety Resources
    General Safety Resources
    Remember that these project ideas, samples and outlines are meant to help you complete your own science fair project. But it is dishonest and unethical to copy someone else's project and submit it as if it were your own. That is called plagiarism. It is okay to do the same project as someone else, or review what others have done so you can make your project better, but do not copy and pretend it is yours.

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