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Mimicking fruit fly response patterns for threat evasion of airborne machines [Project]
Squid-Jet, a bio-inspired underwater vehicle that uses jet propulsion [Project]
Best methods for graffiti removal [Project]
The effect of current and filtration on hydrogen production in seawater electrolysis [Project]
The use of multi-frequency acoustics to improve production in oil and gas wells [Project]
Blood Type and Transfusion - the haemolytic transfusion reaction [Project]
Which drinks have the highest glucose level after adding the enzyme invertase? [Project]
Improving hearing loss with tactile sound [Project]
Comparing the effects of footwear on postural shifts and stride lengths [Project]
Research roller coaster physics [Project]
Test Reinforcement effect on Students’ Learning. [Project]
How does nutrients affect the cell densities of green algae? [Project]
Unique Simplified Hydroponic For Swaziland Poor Subsistence Farmers [Project]
Can marinating chicken prior to grilling reduce carcinogens? [Project]
Banana Peel Biomass Briquettes Fuel Efficiency [Project]
How can we save ozone layer? [Project]
Which type of environment is most affected by an oil spill? [Project]
Global Warming: What are Street Sponges? [Project]
Effect of Human Activity on Benthic Survey and Water Quality Parameters [Project]
Investigate the endangered salmon [Project]
Explore dolphin bycatch (caught in nets) [Project]
Farmed salmon effects on the environment and health. [Project]
Helping painted turtles [Project]
How the Marbled Murrelet is threatened in British Columbia [Project]
Why are coral reefs dying? [Project]
The Effect of Oil, Weed Killers and Salt on the Survival Rate of Daphnia [Project]
How to reduce car air pollution. [Project]
Bacterial Content of Water Bottles [Project]
Why does acid rain destroy buildings and pavements? [Project]
Box solar cooker vs. funnel solar cooker [Project]
Which plane from four designs flies the best [Project]
Physics of airplanes including a brief history of flight. [Project]
How an FM radio works? [Project]
Laws of repulsion and attraction of magnetic poles use in levitating trains [Project]
The Mountain Pine Beetle's Negative Impact on Pine Trees [Project]
Simulate a tsunami. [Project]
Determine what the strongest and weakest points of a hurricane are. [Project]
Shrinking ice caps in the Arctic and how they might affect the world. [Project]
Measure the slope angle at which different rocks slid one over another (landslide). [Project]
The dependence of current on the concentration of sodium chloride in the electrolyte [Project]
What are cells (biology)? [Project]
Are solar flares harmful to your health? [Project]
Genetic and Pathogenic Variation among Ascochyta rabiei (a chickpea disease). [Project]
Investigation of Absorbing Impact Forces in a Hockey Helmet [Project]
Effect of carbon dioxide on temperature change in the atmosphere [Project]
Effect of Human Activity on Water Quality and Stream Pollution [Project]
Which location in town has the most pollution? [Project]
How does different pH water level affect algae cell structure? [Project]
Comparing Wood Pellets for Heat Output and Burn Time [Project]
Blade Separation and Wind Speed on a Savonius Rotor Windmill [Project]
Comparing the effect of electrical load on a fuel cell and rechargeable batteries [Project]
How does ethanol as a fuel compare to today’s conventional fuels? [Project]
Which building design will best withstand an earthquake? [Project]
Investigate the desert as a unique biome [Project]
Create an efficient cold pack using water and different types of fertilizer. [Project]
Research the history of space exploration and Canada’s contribution. [Project]
Effect of blades, pitch and design on the electricity produced by a Darrieus wind turbine. [Project]
Compare the energy efficiency of biofuels and fossil fuels. [Project]
Genetic Diversity of Common Bean Blight Isolates from Different Geographical Areas [Project]
Measure the calories of different foods by using a homemade calorimeter [Project]
Tennis Court Surface Impact on Knee Injuries [Project]
Fenestration Heat Loss & Passive Solar Gain [Project]
Are compact fluorescent lamps as energy efficient as marketed? [Project]
Concentration of ground level ozone near a highway. [Project]
Impacts of Acid Rain on Crops [Project]
Electrical output of a solar panel in different weather conditions. [Project]
Hydrogen transportation [Project]
Improvement of jatropha oil properties [Project]
Which common materials will be most effective at soundproofing? [Project]
Build your own biosphere. [Project]
Examine Yellowstone's fascinating and explosive volcanic history [Project]
How email works? [Project]
How does fabric softener affect the flammability of different fabrics? [Project]
The Effects of Antioxidants and Free Radicals on Seed Germination [Project]
The Effects of Potash Tailings on the Growth of Barley and Flax [Project]
How do diatom reproduction react to variable amounts of light? [Project]
Introduction to Nebulae [Project]

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