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Efficacy of Estrogens and Progesterone in Hepatic Fibrosuppression [Project]
Natural Catalyst in the Synthesis of Aspirin [Project]
A new method for measuring toxicity of chemicals replacing the LD50 test [Project]
Improvement of virus-like particles (VLPs) Vaccines [Project]
Investigate proteomics, proteins and protein PAX3 [Project]
Test the Effect of Grapefruit Juice on Anti-Cholesterol Drugs [Project]
Factors (temperature, pH, enzyme oncentration) affecting catalases [Project]
Factors That Cause Degradation in Oncorhynchus (Salmon Fish) DNA [Project]
Conventional PCR versus real time PCR in detecting DNA [Project]
The Best Detergent for Plentiful DNA Extraction [Project]
A molecular, chemical and genetic assessment on the diversity of 16 faba bean lines. [Project]
Research DNA replication (natural and unnatural) and repair [Project]
Will Nepenthes (pitcher plant) extracts contain enzymes that digest insect proteins [Project]
The effect of adding vitamins and minerals on fungiís bioluminescence [Project]

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