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Embedded system to detect veichles or humans and correspondingly making streetlights smarter [Project]
A Novel Solution to the Illegal UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) Crisis [Project]
Low-Cost Supercapacitors for Energy Storage [Project]
How an FM radio works? [Project]
Laws of repulsion and attraction of magnetic poles use in levitating trains [Project]
How do loudspeakers work? [Project]
The dependence of current on the concentration of sodium chloride in the electrolyte [Project]
Determine the conductivity of different liquids [Project]
Does an incandescent bulb produce more heat than a fluorescent bulb? [Project]
Which battery works better? Alkaline, lithium, nickel cadmium, or nickel metal hydride? [Project]
The battery: science, technology, history and innovations [Project]
Are compact fluorescent lamps as energy efficient as marketed? [Project]
Separating mixtures with static electricity [Project]
Comparing the effect of electrical load on a fuel cell and rechargeable batteries [Project]
Are compact fluorescent lamps as energy efficient as marketed? [Project]

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