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    Experiments and Labs of Interest

  • Biosphere in a Bottle 1 [View Experiment]
  • Making a homemade tornado in glass jar [View Experiment]
  • 1st Grade Sciencelab Experiment: Make it Rain [View Experiment]
  • Henry Cavendish: Weighing the Earth [View Experiment]
  • Eratosthenes: The Measurement of the Earth's Circumference [View Experiment]
  • Build Your Own Seismometer [View Experiment]
  • Do Lost Pet Ads Predict Earthquakes? [View Experiment]
  • Show Earth's Three-dimensional Magnetic Field - John DeLaughter, Northwestern University [View Experiment]
  • Weathering/Erosion Experiment - Riordan Family [View Experiment]
  • Wind speed and water depth effects on the height of ocean waves - school.discovery.com [View Experiment]
  • The Fujita Scale of Tornado - Lesson Plan [View Experiment]
  • Calculate approximate speeds and travel times for sample tsunamis - PBS [View Experiment]
  • Baking soda volcano - Shelly Cummings [View Experiment]
  • How Human Activities Impact the Water Cycle [View Experiment]

    More Experiments by Topic

  • Biosphere
  • Clouds and Rain
  • Earth
  • Earthquake
  • Earth's Magnetic Field & Magnetosphere
  • Erosion
  • Hurricane
  • Synoptic Code, Using the Synoptic Code for the Prediction of Weather
  • Tornado
  • Tsunami
  • Volcano
  • Water Cycle, General
  • Water Cycle, The Sun as the Driving Force of the Water Cycle
  • Earth Sciences Fair Projects & Experiments
  • Safety Resources

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