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Innovative Project Ideas
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In order to win a science fair it is not enough to submit a well-researched study and an organized display board. To impress the judges you need more than that - a fresh new idea.

The links suggested below point to new science articles collected from science magazines and other resources around the web that can be adapted or used as start points for a successful innovative science fair project.

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  1. Can people accurately read dogs’ facial expressions? [View Resource]
  2. Show that restaurant menu labels that translate calories into walking distance could induce people to eat less. [View Resource]
  3. Research the benefits of coffee and caffeine (intelligence, physical performance, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, liver, longevity, antioxidants). [View Resource]
  4. Research how dogs use barks to communicate. [View Resource]
  5. Find out whether people generally prefer to do most activities with one side of their body. [View Resource]
  6. Build Your Own Quantum Entanglement Experiment. [View Resource]
  7. Research the Gaussian Copula Function and its application for financial markets (Wall Street) and try to improve it. [View Resource]
  8. The effect of the tone of a commenting thread on the response of other readers to the article on which the comments appear [View Resource]
  9. Test the efficiency of a rocket stove. [View Resource]
  10. Research the different theories regarding the age of the Earth. [View Resource]
  11. Research the different methods of measuring time over history. [View Resource]
  12. Research the food versus fuel debate. [View Resource]
  13. Compare the effectiveness of common grammar checkers. [View Resource]
  14. Find out which is the best online translation service. [View Resource]
  15. Nominate the best apps for your smart phone or tablet and create your own first application. [View Resource]
  16. Research the extraterrestrial life controversy. What's your opinion? [View Resource]
  17. Does photographic memory exist? [View Resource]
  18. Discover science mistakes in Sci-fi movies and movies in general [View Resource]
  19. The impact of science on society [View Resource]
  20. Which MBA program is the best? [View Resource]
  21. Research the effects of low interest rates on consumption and investment [View Resource]
  22. Examine the mechanisms of the death of trees. [View Resource]
  23. Uncover your family history and genealogy. [View Resource]
  24. Discover your parents' childhood heroes and favorite books and try to find out why those items attracted your parents and how they influenced them as adults. [View Resource]
  25. Research how do people play with their dog [View Resource]
  26. Can Urine to Boost Crop Yields? [View Resource]
  27. Suggest a smart elevator system. [View Resource]
  28. Investigate How Did Pompeii Perish. [View Resource]
  29. What Are The Most Important Inventions Of The Last 25 Years? [View Resource]
  30. Do old people remember names less than young people? [View Resource]
  31. Test if iPads and Readers Help Those With Vision Loss Read Faster [View Resource]
  32. Research the science behind hurricane sandy [View Resource]
  33. Are climate change deniers right? [View Resource]
  34. Research the history and science that led to the atomic bomb. [View Resource]
  35. Compare the memory and intelligence of cats and dogs. [View Resource]
  36. Measure and research sky glow and light pollution effects on humans and animals. [View Resource]
  37. Effect of Float Glass Surface Composition on Silicone Sealant Adhesion [View Resource]
  38. Dictionary Vocabulary Statistics [View Resource]
  39. Research Avometer history and technology [View Resource]
  40. Research Shark Tracking and Shark Tracking Technologies [View Resource]
  41. Prove that the earth is spherical. [View Resource]
  42. Compare the accuracy and performance of a slide rule with this of a calculator. [View Resource]
  43. Does the moon rise every night at the same time and the same location? [View Resource]
  44. Demonstrate Aryabhata’s (Indian mathematician and astronomer) mathematics achievements. [View Resource]
  45. Using lichens as pollution indicators [View Resource]

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