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Elementary School - Grades 4-6
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Investigate the relationship between the number of bits in a digital image and the number of colors and file size of the image. [E]
Investigate how different color profiles combine colors to produce an image. [E]
Investigate the use of the Golden Ratio and the Rule of Thirds in the composition of famous photographs. [E]
Compare different methods of photographing small objects at close range to find the best method for preserving visual information with digital photography. [E]
Investigate the relationship between the resolution of a digital photo and the quality of the image. [E]
How changing the contrast of a digital photo will change the colors and quality of the printed image. [E]
How changing the saturation levels of a digital photo change the color and quality of the printed image. [E]
Cameras & Photography Science Fair Projects & Experiments
Middle School - Grades 7-9
P=Project   E=Experiment
Sky Brightness and Its Effect on CCD Imaging [E]
Find how colors represented by a CMYK (Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black) model reflects light. [E]
Measuring the Speed of Moving Objects with Stroboscopic Photography [E]
Build your own Trail Camera [E]
Which shutter speeds to use to effectively capture a scene using a digital camera? [E] [E]
Cameras & Photography Science Fair Projects & Experiments

High School - Grades 10-12
P=Project   E=Experiment
Using a Digital Camera to Determine pH (the relationship between the pH of a chemical and the intensity of color it turns when tested with an pH indicator). [E] [E]
Investigate the CCD: Heart of the Digital Camera and other Optical Devices [E] [P]
Recognize and count objects such as coins using an optical image acquisition device (scanner, web camera, etc.) and a computer analysis program written in VB6. [P]
Cameras & Photography Science Fair Projects & Experiments
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