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Build a gravity-powered sorting machine that can separate small and large plastic spheres. [E]
Can You Lift a Car with Two Phone Books? [E]
Build a water clock that tracks three hours of time. [E]
Find out how elevators work using pulleys [E] [P]
Build a pinhole camera [E] [E] [E] [P]
Research Car Accidents [P]
Research and build folk toys. [E]
Investigate different foot adaptations of water birds to see if they increase the speed of swimming. [E]
Using the Jamming Principle to Construct a Universal Gripper [E]
Research aircraft stealth technology. [P]
Build your own water rocket [E]
Improving Aerodynamic Drag by Altering the Shape of a Pickup Truck Tailgate [E]
Investigate how the distance of stretch in a rubber band at rest relates to the distance the rubber band travels after being released. [E]
Research the Physics of Vertical Loop Roller Coasters [E] [E]

Research the differences between the sounds made by instruments constructed from different materials. [E]
How works the bullet proof vest? [E]
Determine how club head velocity affects shot distance. [E]
Measure the quality of a photographic lens. [E]
Generate electricity from car shock absorbers. [P] [P]
Make Your Own Piezoelectric Pickup for Acoustic Guitar [E]
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