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Elementary School - Grades 4-6
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Discover how elite biathlon athletes can perform in different heart rate zones to create an accurate shot in the gun range. [P]
Determine the effect of exercise on a critical brain function: memory. [E]
Test if you can increase jumping distance by increasing the running distance before the jump. [E]
Test if the height of a person is related to their walking pace, and if this information can be used to estimate the height of a person. [E]
Could I improve the health of my heart by doing more exercise? [P]
An Investigation Into How Exercise Affects the Heart Rate [E]
The Effect of Exercise on Blood Pressure [P]
Middle School - Grades 7-9
P=Project   E=Experiment
How Can Knee Injuries Be Prevented in Female Athletes? [E]
What Material Is Best for Lining the Inside of a Surf Bootie to Prevent Foot Penetration from a Stingray Barb? [E]
Develop a computer system that can reliably detect when a swimmer is underwater and possibly drowning. [E]
A Better Way to Prevent Concussions: The Addition of Non-Newtonian Fluids to Helmet Padding [E]
What foam applied to the outside of a football helmet can be most effective in reducing the G force experienced during a helmet to helmet hit. [E]
A Virtual Science fair on Gatorade (a sports drink) [P] [P]
Investigate whether or not a sports drink provides more electrolytes than orange juice. [E]
Determine how body position affects baseball speed. [E]
Determine if healthy eating has an effect on physical fitness. [E]
The Effect of Sports Drinks on Blood Pressure and Heart Rate as a Measure of Athletic Performance [E]
Is Swim Sprint Time Faster with Normal or Reduced Breathing? [E]
Determine how American students score on a Japanese physical fitness exam. [E]
Compare the power impact of different martial arts kicks. [E]
Explore how changing your center of gravity affects how well you can balance. [E]
Which type of turn�tight, medium, or wide�is best in speed skating. [E]

Measure your average heart rate during different types of activities. [E]
Determine if the ball's starting position for shooting a basketball affects a player's shooting percentage. [E]
Determine whether athletes have faster heart rate recovery times than non-athletes. [E]
An Investigation to Find out the Effect of Different Levels of Exercise on the Amount of Oxygen Used by the body [P]
How do sports drinks affect reaction time? [P]
Does adrenaline affect athletic performance? [P]
Determine if Body Mass Index relates to physical fitness level as determined by the Harvard Step Test. [E]
The effect of weight training on the accuracy of throwing a football [P]
What type of exercises makes people produce the most carbon dioxide? [E]
The effects of jet lag on east and west coast baseball teams [P]
Determine if regular exercise has a effect on the amount of air your lungs can take in. [E] [P]
The Effect of Exercise on Blood Pressure and Pulse Rate [E]
Determine if tall people run faster than short people. [P]
Resting, Exercising and Blood Pressure [P] [P] [P] [E]
The Effect of Athlete's Heart Syndrome on Pulse Pressure [E] [E]
The Effects of Various Sports Supplements on the Heart Rate of Daphnia magna [E]
Will There Be an Increase in a Soccer Player's Calf Size and Kicking Distance after 8 Weeks of Training? [E]
Does Exercise Affect Weight? [E]
Determine the relationship between the bicep muscle size, forearm length, and the ability to develop force, by calculating the amount of torque created. [E]
Do pysiological attributes matter when wakeboarding or snowboarding? Or is it all experience? [E]
Figure out the relationship between height and agility. [E]
Determining the Development and Transferability of Bacteria from One Piece of Athletic Equipment to Another [E]
Determine if higher caffeine content in an energy drink increases heart rate the most. [E]
Find out if there is any relationship between the higher test scores in the Data Management and Probability strand of math and a specific sport (hockey and volleyball). [E]
Determine the most effective stress management techniques out of the four possibilities (meditation, controlled breathing, visualization, and relaxation music) for athletes [P]
Why does junior tennis have such a high injury rate? [P]
The Effect of Massage Therapy on Blood Pressure [E] [E]
Measuring Human Horsepower [E]
Determine if a controlled diet and exercise will lower blood glucose levels and reduce the amount of insulin requirements of a type 1 diabetic. [E]
High School - Grades 10-12
P=Project   E=Experiment
The Effect of Exercise on Thermogenesis in Brown Adipose Tissue [E]
A Machine Learning Assisted System to Detect Concussions in Sports [E]
Utility of the Spatial Peaks QRS-T Angle in Distinguishing Left Ventricular Hypertrophy from Athletic Heart Syndrome [E]
Which type of recovery, active or passive, will facilitate better performance of high-intensity interval 50-freestyle sprints by adolescent competitive swimmers? [P]
Which swimming turn is the most efficient for the transition between Backstroke to Breaststroke: the "Dropdown" turn, the "Swivel" turn, or the "Flip" turn? [E]
The Effect of Body Mass Index (BMI), Leg Length, and VO2 Max on Ergometer Scores in Males and Females [E]
Finger Length Linked to Female Athletic Ability [P]
What Makes Michael Phelps So Good? Do his body shape and flexibility give eight-gold-medal winner Phelps a competitive advantage? [E]
Determine whether crossed hand/eye dominance helps or hurts when shooting basketball free throws. [E]
Measure how the initial launch angle of a golf ball affects how far the ball travels. [E]
Measure changes in carbon dioxide levels in exhaled air before and after physical exercise. [E]
The Effect of Body Symmetry on Athletic Ability [E]
Test whether or not the circumference of each person's thigh, will affect the amount of force that each participant applies to a ball. [E]
Muscle Enhancement: Bodybuilding and Supplement Intake [P]
The Effects of Various Exercises on the Cardiovascular System [E]
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