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Find out if dandelion extract had superior UV protection properties when tested against SPF 15, 30, and 50 Coppertone sunscreens. [E]
The development of a plant-based vaccine against SARS-CoV [P]
Plant Cancer: Can It Be Treated? [E]
Determine whether beta carotene helps prevent the growth of cancer in plants. [E] [E]
Generate transgenic low-nicotine tobacco plants expressing an immunoregulatory IL-13 and explore their potentiality for immunotherapy of T1D (Type 1 diabetes, juvenile diabetes). [P]
An investigation of plants used by the Karuk Tribe in Humboldt County to see if they have antibacterial effects on bacteria that cause skin infections. [E]
The effects of tea tree oil on bacteria found on hands [E]
Impact of Osteophase and Herbal Extracts on Bone BMD (Bone Mineral Density) Levels [E]
Reducing Bacterial Growth in Commercial Mushroom Production Using Antiseptic Herbal Extracts [E]
Alternative Medicine
Do Ants Attack Other Insects off Castor Bean Plants? [E]
Natural methods for preventing attacks by bark beetles on pine - plant diversity, low density, and Manzanita. [E]
A Study of the Effect of Flower Variants on a Plant's Ability to Attract Butterflies [E]
The correlation of the flowering population of one plant species to the population of one family of butterflies. [E]
Which Local Plant Extracts Will Be an Effective Pesticide on Mosquito Larvae and Still Be Safe for Other Aquatic Life? [E]
Find out if spider mites lay their eggs in the same areas on the leaves of different plants. [E]
The Mountain Pine Beetle's Negative Impact on Pine Trees in British Columbia [P]
Determine which tree species at different elevations in the San Jacinto Mountains are most affected by bark beetles. [E]
Do Milkweed Bugs Show a Color Preference for Egg-Laying Sites? [E]
The Ability of a Dove Weed Extract to Control Aphids [E]
Evaluation of Alpha Amylase Inhibition by Different Medicinal Plants [E]
The development of a plant-based vaccine against SARS-CoV [P]
Do Different Parts of a Plant Yield Different Amounts of DNA? [E]
Modifying Plant Characteristics By RNA Interference [P]
Determine whether Genipin, a naturally occurring compound found in the Gardenia plant, could be used as a fingerprinting reagent on paper, and to determine whether Genipin could be used as a green analytical reagent for qualitative and quantitative detection of amino acids, proteins and peptides. [E]
Comparing Nucleotide Sequences of Native Plants [E]
Determine if it is easier to extract more DNA from animal cells than from plant cells. [E]
The Effects of Fructose Enhanced Ocean Water on Rice Plant Growth [E]
Prove that increased leaf starch increases the process of photosynthesis in the green plant [E]
Are Plants Affected or Influenced by the Moon? [E]
Can we grow plants on the moon? [E] [E]
1. Determine whether plants can survive in a simulated Martian-like environment.
2. Determine whether plants can change the atmosphere from carbon dioxide to oxygen. [E]
Design of a prototype Lunar Plant Growth Chamber (LPGC) for use as a part of a manned lunar habitat. [E]
Find mathematical relationships in nature. (1) in the number of flower petals and vegetable leaves, (2) in the leaf arrangement in plants, (3) in the number of spirals in plants, and (4) in shell shapes. [E]
Examine the correlation between the Fibonacci sequence and the spiral phyllotaxis, or leaf arrangement, of various plants occurring in nature. [E]
Fractals: 1. Derive a formula to find the total length of all the branches of a tree. 2. Derive a formula to find the perimeter and area of a Koch snowflake. [E]
Solar & Renewable Energy
Solar power harvesting using fruit dye solar cells [P]
Emulate phototropic qualities in plants to increase the efficiency of photovoltaic panels. [E]
Find out if solar energy can be used to help grow cold weather. [E]
Produce Cellobiose Dehydrogenase from fungi Trametes versicolor in a exogenous expression system, either in E.coli or in transgenic tobacco plants. The recombinant CDH obtained from this project could be used in a cellulase cocktails to more efficiently degrade lignocellulose materials. [P]
See if juices from plants native to Humboldt County, when used as base materials in Graetzel photovoltaic solar cells, can generate electrical power. [E]
Biofuel & Biomass Energy
Algae Fuel
Ethanol Fuel
Earth Sciences
Determine if certain dry plants used in xeriscaping may burn easily and be a risk to property during a wildfire. [E]
The Effect of Perennial Ryegrass (Lolium perenne) Presence and Growth Stage on the Erodibility of a Sandy Clay Soil [E]
A new cheap device that harvests and threshes crops built from a modified bicycle. [P]
To determine whether bean plants, chives, or mint leaves will most suitable in a green roof. [P]
Determine whether a soccer ball's roll length varied on artificial Turf versus natural grass. [E]
Can Cloning Make a Better Plant? [E]
Test the effects of salt on canola and its transgenic lines (seed germination and plant growth). [P]
Plant Genetic Function Study through Virus Induced Gene Silencing [E] [E]
Determine whether or not cloning through fragmentation of a plant is possible. [E] [E]
Transformation of Plant Genome Using Agrobacterium [E] [E]
Genetically Modified Plants: Are Your Foods Wearing Designer Genes? [E]
Do electromagnetic fields affect plant growth? [P]
Batteries from Fruits or Vegetables
Food Science
The Effect of Anhydrous Ammonia on the Dehydration Rate of Plant vs. Animals Cell (Food Preservation) [P]
Genetically Modified Plants: Are Your Foods Wearing Designer Genes? [E]
Determination of Energy Content of Selected Herbs and Spices Classified According to TCD Energy Nature [E]
Find out if soil microorganisms affect the growth of plant life. [P]
How does Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV) isolated from commercially purchased cigarettes infect a variety of common garden plants? [E]
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Pot plant water tester [C]
Plant Genetics
Plant Ecology
Environmental Sciences
Plants and the Environment
Botany & Agriculture
Plant Chemistry
Social Sciences
Professions and Careers: Plant Scientist (Median Salary $58,390) [R]
Future Science
The Plant Remover seeks and destroys invasive aquatic plants that clog waterways. [P]
Gas-o-Weed is an alternative fuel made from marine algae (seaweed). [P]
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