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Middle School - Grades 7-9
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Organic and Conventional Chicken Under the Microscope: A Pilot Study Comparing Protein Quality [E]
The Effect of an Electrical Control Device (Taser) on Human Cell Salts and Proteins [E]
Exploring Protein Similarities with Bioinformatics Tools to Establish Reasonable Animal Models for Disease Research [E]
What are Proteins?

High School - Grades 10-12
P=Project   E=Experiment
Sucrose Efflux Mediated by SWEET Proteins as a Crucial Aid for Whitefly Feeding Reduction [E]
Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Membrane-Bound Aromatase with Titrated Asp-309: Implications for Catalysis and Novel Inhibitors [E]
Determine total protein concentration, casein concentration, and whey protein concentration of cow milk samples retrieved from cows during different stages of lactation. [E]
How Scientists Separate Proteins [E]
A Computational Analysis of Tissue Specific Transcription Factor Networks [E]
Analyzing Copper 2+ Binding in the Octarepeat Region of the Infectious Prion Protein [E]
Computational Prediction of Beta Structure from Amino Acid Sequence in a Class of Pathologically Relevant Proteins [E]
Determine whether Genipin, a naturally occurring compound found in the Gardenia plant, could be used as a fingerprinting reagent on paper, and to determine whether Genipin could be used as a green analytical reagent for qualitative and quantitative detection of amino acids, proteins and peptides. [E]
Explore functions of an unknown protein using computational methods; the connection between how a protein performs its job(s) and how its corresponding DNA sequence changes throughout evolution; the specific functions of a protein, based only on its amino acid (protein) sequence [E]
An Algorithm Using Amino Acid Properties and Protein Folding Patterns to Simulate the 3-D Folding of Proteins [E]

Analyzing Interactions between mRNA Splicing and Transcription with Proteins BBP and BUR2 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae [E] [E]

The Effect of Charged Amino Acids on the Formation of Alpha-helical Structures [E] [E]

Polymorphisms in the Coding Region of Substance P [E]
Analyze evolutionary links among fish, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals through protein fingerprinting (protein electrohporesis). [E]
Spectroscopic Analysis of Crystal Violet in Chymotrypsinogen A-Surfactant Solutions [E]
Investigate genetic interactions between the branchpoint binding protein (BBP) and transcription factors BUR2, CTK2, and CTK3. BBP facilitates binding of the U2 snRNP during spliceosome assembly. [E]
Characterization of the Arabidopsis thaliana plsp1-1 and plsp1-2 Lines: Toc75 Suggests a Novel Protein Targeting Pathway [E]
The Involvement of Small G-protein ARL-6 in the Formation of Sensory Cilia [E]
Use of Quartz Crystal Microbalance to Study Antibody Antigen Interactions [E]
Studying the GST-Y10 Protein: Is the C-domain Responsible for Histone Interaction? [E]
Does the Concentration of Pepsin Affect How Thoroughly Proteins Are Digested? [E] [E]
Manipulation of PGE(2) Levels with Various Cytokines of Thyroid Associated Ophthalmopathy [E]
How Does Topically Applied Protein Affect Human Hair? [E] [E]
The Effect of the Superoxide Anion on Cytochrome C [E]
Inhibition of Cell Recognition and Reaggregation by Chitin and Chitinase in the Sponge Microciona prolifera [E]
The development of a plant-based vaccine against SARS-CoV [P]
Investigate proteomics, proteins and protein PAX3 [E] [E] [P]
PPAR (Peroxisome proliferator-Activated Receptor) Delta Crystallography [E] [E]
Possible interactions between the proteins BBP, a splicing factor, and BUR2, a transcription factor, in yeast [E]
Investigating the Importance of Position 52 in Glycine Receptor Activation [E] [E]
Factors Affecting Balance and PCP (Planar Cell Polarity) Disorders: The Influence of Natural Stimuli in Mice Utricles [E]
What are Proteins?
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