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An autonomous robot that eliminates the corona virus with UVC light employing machine learning [P]
A machine learning based approach for detection of harmful algal blooms [P]
AI-based Wildfire Prevention System [P]
Counting fish using artificial intelligence [P]
Use Artificial Intelligence to Classify Faces [E]
Predicting Soccer Match Results in the English Premier League by using Artificial Neural Networks [E]
Management of Stray Dog Vaccination Through Individual Identification of Stray Dogs Using Machine Learning [P]
A Scalable and Freely Accessible Machine Learning Based Web Application for the Early Detection of Dyslexia [P]
Early Detection of Pancreatic Cancer through Competitive Lateral-flow Assays and Deep Learning. [P]
An Artificial Intelligence based novel mobile solution for early detection of valvular heart disorders [P]
Personal Oral Health Advisor with a multimodal sensor, mobile cloud application, and machine learning [P]
Making the road safer with Computer Vision Algorithms [P]

A convolutional neural network based approach to plant disease diagnosis [P]
Can neural-networks help us discover exoplanets more efficiently? [P]
Improving learning through auto-generated study questions [P] [P]
Identifying Species to Aid Wildlife Conservation Efforts by Using Convolutional Neural Networks and Hypernetworks [P]
Emotion Recognition from Human Speech Using Temporal Information and Deep Learning [E]
Wireless Brainwave Classification for Alzheimer's Patients via Efficient Neural Network Computation [E]
An Application of Artificial Neural Networks to Decentralized Cooperative Navigation [E]
A Novel Implementation of Image Processing and Machine Learning for Early Diagnosis of Melanoma [P]
Determine the best algorithm for strategy games. [E]
Is it possible to translate English instructions into compilable code that a robot can execute? [P]
Finding a practical mathematical function for f(x) with genetic algorithms. [E] [P]
Distributed Robotics: An Intelligent System [P]
Artificial Neural Networks that Decode Commands Embedded in the Temporal Density of Neural Spike Sequences [E]
Intelligent Intersections in Various Vehicle Traffic Networks and the Resulting Changes in Network Efficiency [E] [E]
Content-Based Image Retrieval [E]
A neural network slowly trained to recognize the difference between single and double colonies of bacteria [P] [E]
A robot controlled by artificial intelligence (AI) [P]
Write the software and create the hardware required to autonomously solve a Rubik's cube. [E] [E]
An Artificial Intelligence Project in Computer-Based Music Composition [E] [E]
Repeat Georgetown-IBM experiment (influential demonstration of machine translation, which took place on January 7, 1954, involved fully automatic translation of more than sixty Russian sentences into English.) [E] [E]
Improve a computer interactive program by using the Wizard of Oz experiment [E] [E]
Robots and Robotics Projects
Machine Vision Projects
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