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Making the road safer with Computer Vision Algorithms [P]
How to build a Motion Detection System with Arduino [C]
Electronically measure how light is reflected from different color surfaces, and build a circuit that can differentiate between red and green produce. [E]
Indoor Navigation Using Magnetic Fields [E]
Research machine vision. [E] [E]
Using Artificial Intelligence Systems for Autonomous Visual Comprehension and Handwriting Generation [E]
Autonomous Robot Navigation Using Computer Vision for Exhaustive Path-Finding [E]
Methods of Artificial Intelligence and Fuzzy Logic Techniques integrated with biomedical imagery and spectroscopy analysis and interpretation. [E]
A Novel Aid with Facial Detection, Facial Recognition, and Audio Analysis Capabilities for Patients with Dementia or Communication Disorders and their Caretakers [P]
The use of machine vision image recognition in order to estimate the location and orientation of moving objects. [P]
Autonomous Robotic Vehicle: Saving Lives, Preventing Accidents One at a Time [E]
Web-Controlled Mobile Video-Enabled Robotic Litter Collection Device [E]

Find out if robots could follow lines better with more than one light sensor. [E]
Recognize and count objects such as coins using an optical image acquisition device (scanner, web camera, etc.) and a computer analysis program written in VB6. [P]
A Comparison of the Effectiveness of Search Patterns Executed by Autonomous Robotic Vehicles [E] [E]
Development of an Embedded 3D Robot Visual System [P]
A robot that can tell where objects are (map-building) [P]
An efficient method for performing real-time object tracking [P]
Research Robotic Warfare [E]
A web-based face recognition system based on Gabor Wavelets Matching [E]
Write the software and create the hardware required to autonomously solve a Rubik's cube. [E] [E]
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Bell: Telephone Invention
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The Oil-Drop Experiment

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