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Elementary School - Grades 4-6
P=Project   E=Experiment
Do Dogs Understand English? [E]
Is a female hamsters faster in a maze than a male hamster? [P]
Spider Monkey Intelligence [P]
Are dogs right or left pawed? [E]
Human Behavior Science Fair Projects and Experiments
Middle School - Grades 7-9
P=Project   E=Experiment
The Effect of Interrupted Sleep on Cognitive Behavior and Neurophysiology in Drosophila melanogaster [E]
Red Clawed Crabs: Can They Learn to Consistently Decrease Times in a Maze? [E]
Which is the most effective learning stimuli for hamsters - sight, sound, touch, or smell? [E]
The Effects of Various Aromas on Animal Behavior [E]
Determine whether music stimulates animal behavior. [E] [E] [E]
How Well Do Horses Learn? [E]
Do Dogs and Hamsters think and learn differently? [P]
The Effects of Environmental Complexity and Exercise on Learning in Mice [E]
Which colors is a dwarf hamster more attracted to? [P]
Do Rats Learn Faster with Peer Pressure? [E]
Does a Mouse Rely More on His Spatial Memory or Vision? [E]
The effect of a rat age on its learning ability. [E]
Which gender of dog is the smartest? [E]
Color, Fragrance, and Flavor: Measuring Their Influence on the Behavior of Worker Bees [E]
Effects of age and sex on the aggressive behavior of chickens [E]
The Effects of Various Aromas on Hamster Behavior [E]
Comparing Aggressive Behavior of Chicken Genders at Various Stages of Development [E]
The effect of color on the behavior of tidepool sculpin [E]
Measure canine intelligence with some simple behavioral tests. [E]
Are domestic dogs and wolves similar in their hierarchical behaviors? [E]
Human Behavior Science Fair Projects and Experiments
High School - Grades 10-12
P=Project   E=Experiment
Research how dogs use barks to communicate. [E]
Are Parrots Smarter Than a Human Two-Year-Old? [E]
Alloparenting in Monkeys [E]
Investigate whether or not culture (dog's owner) has an effect on brain hemisphere dominance in dogs. [E]
Can you detect learning in cockroaches? [E]
An investigation of equine learning and memory [P]
From Pavlov to Skinner Box (Repeat Skinner Box Experiment) [E]
The effect of trans-resveratrol (instead of antibiotics and synthetic compounds) on the growth, size and behavior of baby gallus gallus (chicken). [E]
Test the effects of different sugars on the energy and hyperactivity level of ants. [E]
Determine whether bees and wasps can be trained to detect quagga mussels attached to water recreational vehicles at lakeside checkpoints thus providing an economical on-site investigative method for park rangers to prevent cross contamination of waterways. [E]
Human Behavior Science Fair Projects and Experiments
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