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    Famous Physicists
    K-12 Level

    Physics Biographies

    Atomic Bomb Famous Scientists
    Famous Black Holes Scientists
    Famous Electro Scientists, Inventors and Engineers
    Famous Elementary Particle Physics Scientists and Thinkers
    Famous Energy Scientists and Inventors
    Famous Mechanical and Civil Engineers
    Metric System Biographies
    Famous Optics Pioneers
    Philosophers of Science
    Relativity Milestones
    Vacuum Scientists
    Time Scientists
    Radar Inventors

    Some Physicist Biographies and Interesting Links
    Isaac Newton: physics and humor
    The Albert Einstein Experience: jokes, quotes and relativity
    What Did Albert Einstein Invent?
    Enrico Fermi and the Nuclear Chain Reaction
    Robert Oppenheimer Centennial Exhibit
    Who Is Sir Isaac Newton?
    Einstein Revealed

    Physicists - Elementary / Middle School Level
    The Great Physicists - Belfast High School

    Physicists - Middle / High School Level
    Physics Biographies - Atomic Archive
    People and Discoveries: Physics and Astronomy - PBS
    Race for the Superbomb 1941-1963 - PBS

    Physicists - High School Level
    Famous Physicists - Dr. Mark Manley, Kent State University
    Famous Physicists and Astronomers - Dalibor Paar

    Physicists - High / College Level
    Center for History of Physics - American Institute of Physics
    Physicist Biographies - Nuclearfiles.org
    Famous Physicists and Astronomers - Dalibor Paar, University of Zagreb
    Atomic Structure Timeline - Lee Buescher, WaterTown High School
    The History of Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics
    Nobel Laureates in Physics 1901-2002: The Stanford Linear Accelerator Center Library (SLAC)
    Who are the Black Physicists? - Scott Williams, State University of New York at Buffalo

    Physics Timelines
    Timeline of the Nuclear Age - Atomic Archive
    Time Timeline - Why Files
    A Walk Through Time - NIST
    Race for the Superbomb - PBS

    Physics and Physicists on Stamps and Images
    Isaac Newton on Postage Stamps - Ian Ridpath
    Physics-Related Stamps - Dr. Joachim Reinhardt, Frankfurt University
    Physicists on the Money - Edward F. Redish, University of Maryland
    Stamps of Archimedes - Archimedes Homepage
    Pictures of Famous Physicists - Dr. Joachim Reinhardt, Frankfurt University
    Images of famous Physicists - Harry N. Nelson, UCSB
    Emilio Serge Visual Archives - AIP
    Caltech Archives PhotoNet

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