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Evaluate the performance of two different types of sensors for an autonomous vehicle. [E]
Build a self-driving Arduino robot that can safely navigate a model roadway. [E]
Utilizing Artificial Neural Networks to Create a Learning Robot [E]
Autonomous Robotic Vehicle: Saving Lives, Preventing Accidents One at a Time [E]
Web-Controlled Mobile Video-Enabled Robotic Litter Collection Device [E]
Chemical Sensing with Porous Silicon on an Autonomous Robot [E]
Determining the Accuracy of an Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor vs. an IR Proximity Sensor using Autonomous Robots [E]
A Mobile Autonomous Chemical Detecting Robot [E]
Build an Intelligent Irrigation Control System [E]
Intelligent Intersections in Various Vehicle Traffic Networks and the Resulting Changes in Network Efficiency [E] [E]
A Comparison of the Effectiveness of Search Patterns Executed by Autonomous Robotic Vehicles [E] [E]
Minimizing the Effect of GPS Multipath on a Autonomous Mobile Vehicle [E] [E] [E] [E]
Content-Based Image Retrieval [E]
Research Robotic Warfare [E]
A neural network slowly trained to recognize the difference between single and double colonies of bacteria [P] [E]
Write the software and create the hardware required to autonomously solve a Rubik's cube. [E] [E]
Improve a computer interactive program by using the Wizard of Oz experiment [E] [E]
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