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Underwater Wireless Transmission of Data and Energy Between an Underwater Robot and a Floating Base-Station by Using Light [P]
Wireless Connection Between Micro Controllers Using nRF24L01 [C]
Will Changing the Operating Frequency of a Tesla Coil Change Its Ability to Transmit Power Wirelessly? [E]
A Wireless Data Transmissions System through Sound Waves with the Use of OFDM [E]
Learn about radio receivers and transmitters and the components that make them up. [E]
Build a simple arc transmitter (carbon arc RF oscillator). [E]

Build a zinc negative resistance oscillator, transmitter. [E]

How to build a simple wireless telegraph set. [E]

Wireless Short-Range Communications for Emergency Vehicles [E]


Build a simple FM Radio using SparkFun FM Tuner and Arduino Uno to receive and display broadcast information [C]
Build a crystal radio, listen to radio stations and see if it is possible to hear aliens with the radio. [P] [P]
Build a simple radio receiver from scratch, then experiment to make improvements. [E]
Research Amplitude Modulation and Build Your Own AM radio [E] [E]
Research Frequency Modulation and Build Your Own FM radio [E]
Compare the Accuracy Between Different GPS Devices [E]
How an FM radio works? [P]
What Is the Effect of Sunspots on Radio Reception? [E] [E]
Build and research a simple foxhole / crystal radio [E]
All-Band Receiver [E]
Research coherers (history and tecnology); build and demonstrate your own coherer receiver. [E]
Construct an ULF to ELF Spectrum receiver and detect radio anomalies in this spectrum. [E] [E]
Research Radio Astronomy and Build an Amateur Radio Telescope [E]
How to determine Brewster's angle at the GPS frequency and its effect on the GPS receiver. [E]


Pick earth images from satellites using TV Tuner and DIY antena [C]
Test and select the antenna which represents the best compromise of volume, mass, ease-of-construction, ease-of-erection, and gain when used in portable operation with a backpack HF transceiver. [E]
Determine which Wi-Fi antennas (omni-directional and directional panel) perform the best when examining distance, speed, and packet dropping. [E]
Build and test a cylindrical parabolic reflector for the antenna of a wireless communication device. [E]
Determine the best position of a parabolic reflector for sending and receiving signals with light (using a LED). [E]
Build a directional antenna and test it in comparison to a commercial omni-directional antenna. [P]
Build and Research Your Own Beverage Antenna. [E]
Determine the effect of circular directional waveguide antennas of varying volume on the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of a wireless network. [E]
How Do Different Kinds of Antennas Work in Outdoor Conditions for WiFi? [E]
Build Your Own Cantenna. [E]
Build and test a parabolic antenna [E]
Determine if a homemade wire mesh parabolic reflector will improve the signal from a wireless router to a laptop computer. [E] [E]
How Antenna Design Affects Signal Strength? [E] [E] [E]
The Effect of Varying Parabolic Reflectors on the Amplification of the Signal to Noise Ratio of 802.11g Devices [E]

Radio Waves

Measure how much different materials affect the signal strength of a wireless router. [E]
Impact of Interference on Wireless Computer Networks [E]
Increase the efficiency of resonant wireless power transfer by utilizing a passive tuned coil placed between a transmitter and a receiver, and to determine the ideal placement of this intermediate coil. [E]
How Do Different Obstacles Affect Radio Waves? [E] [E] [P] [E]
The Discovery of Radio Waves: Repeat Heinrich Hertz's Experiments [E]
The Invention of Radio: Repeat Guglielmo Marconi's Experiments [E] [E]
Determine how different commonly used building materials such as sheetrock, cement, wood, and metal affected wireless speed, signal and quality. [E] [E]
Sharing Spectrum the Smart Way: Cognitive Radio for Relieving Overcrowding on the Airwaves [E]
Test different materials to see if they block radio waves. [E]
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