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Smart Blind Stick using Arduino plus 3 sonars, aligned in semi-hexagonal structurte for better detection of obstacles [C]
Detection of Improvised Explosive Devices Using a Phased Array Radar System [E]
Research aircraft stealth technology. [P]
Radar Detection: How To Make Airplanes Invisible [P] [P]
How to Make an Aircraft Invisible (Stealth) to Radar [E]
How Geometric Shapes Affect Electromagnetic Reflections (Radar) [E]
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) as an effective and economical method for tracking individual particle movement in streams and the relationship of particle size to distance traveled. [E] [E]
Build and demonstrate your own sonar. [E]
Build your own bat detector. [E]
Build a sound detector radar by using 5 microphones. [E] [E]
Using 5 kHz sound pulses and twin microphones to determine both distance and location of target objects. [E] [E]
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