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7400 Leagues Above the Sea is an early-warning tsunami detection system. [P]
Body MASS: Multi Analysis Sensory System is an artificial intelligence system that monitors vital signs and nutrient and mineral levels. [P]
Visible-Light Photocatalysis uses nanotechnology to detoxify and clean polluted water and air. [P]
MID: Microbe ID System detection. [P]
VEWS: Volcano Early Warning System [P]
The Appy-Bot uses nanotechnology to repair a patient's appendix. [P]
L.I.F.E.: Living Impaired Future Eye allows visually impaired people to lead more independent lives. [P]
MiraclEyes 3000 is a multi-sensory aid for the blind. [P]
Advanced Batteries [P]
Flying with the Sun: A hybrid airplane that will use solar energy [P]
DURAROAD: a durable and environment-friendly product to replace asphalt to prevent road damage while still maintaining the qualities of asphalt roads. [P]
Fighting Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia: Protein Pop contains proteins, antigens and vitamins that, once ingested would boost the immune system to fight off the disease. [P]
Toxin Tracker [P]
Hemophilia: Bye Bye Blood is a patch-like bandage containing an agent which will help the blood clot [P]
Throat cancer: A device will be placed over the laryngectomy hole to minimize the amount of bacteria by the use of a biosensor [P]
PIP is an iris scanner that will be used to eliminate Identity Theft with Automatic Teller Machines worldwide. [P]
Hurricane Defense System (HDS) [P]
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