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The Human Touch prosthetic limb allows amputees to sense the world through artificial skin. [P]
The pocket-sized Flat Display Information Assistant provides TV and Internet content via a high-speed global area network. [P]
The Asthma Sensor Monitoring System alerts of an impending attack [P]
Body Clock Band can overcome jet lag and students can study all night. [P]
The Face Brace relieves pain and promotes healing of severe facial burns. [P]
The Tourette's Syndrome Preventer is a pacemaker-like device that controls tics associated with the neurological disorder. [P]
Atomic Fire Boots convert electrical energy to heat in order to automatically keep feet warm in cold weather. [P]
The Globe 9000 system uses advanced facial recognition technology to find lost children. [P]
Fighting skin cancer: identify a cancerous skin cells, and then inject all cancerous cells with a poison that destroys spindle fibers. [P]
A bionic eye for the blind [P]
A retractable centerboard, which can be raised and lowered autonomously via a sonar system, can be easily transferred between separate barge fleets. [P]
A filter that will heat landfill dioxins to high temperatures to destroy them [P]
Hearing disabilities: a device that will read notes from a voice recorder and will interpret them as words or hand signals on a screen. [P]
Enhancement of hypersonic planes with special features allowing it to be more efficient. [P]
Intelligent Transportation Systems [P]
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