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SCNCM (Self Constructing Nano-Collector Molecules): in dialysis, it locates impurities in the blood and deposits them into an artificial kidney before being eliminated into the urinary system. [P]
Nano Mist regulates glucose levels to improve the quality of life for diabetics. [P]
Passenger Tire Waste Heat Recovery System employs nanotechnologies to recycle heat energy lost from automobile tire deformation. [P]
Pure Water is a water purifying tube that uses virus-fighting polymers and molecular-imprinting technologies to kill pathogens. [P]
D.A.P.E.S. (Diabetes Assistance and Prevention E-System) implants a nanosensor in a tooth to analyze harmful food intake for adolescent diabetics. [P]
F.D.A. - Freedom from Drug Addiction. [P]
PALSS: (Polymer Activated Life Saver System) saves lives while reducing property damage associated with conventional fire extinguishing systems. [P]
The Sonic Brush Guard is a motorized toothbrush that will brush all of the user's teeth at once to provide advanced dental hygiene. [P]
An X-rays scanner to detect breast cancer - a quick and reliable alternative to the mammogram. [P]
Biocompatible Materials and tissue engineering in order to quickly heal second and third degree burns. [P]
Anti-reflective surface treatments using nanotechnology to reduce windshield light glare. [P]
Operation Trailer Safe-T is an alloy material that will blanket a mobile home protecting it and it's occupants from harsh winds and severe weather. [P]
A School Bus that will consume less fuel [P]
Surface Vehicles Aerodynamics: Low-Drag Designs [P]
A water filter that detects contaminants using innovative methods [P]
A robotic system that will test soil conditions and relay information to a computer to suggest possible types and amounts of fertilizers [P]
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