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American Sign Language Interpreter [P]
Smart Touch First Aid Kit [P]
Renewable energy from super algae for global communities [P]
Automatic Correcting Eyeglasses [P]
Ecological Paper Printing and Ink Collection [P]
Injection with the capability to spur new limb growth after amputation [P]
A visual prosthesis for the blind [P]
IKVAV-scaffold Center-surround Eyesight Enhancement for Treating Age-Related Macular Degeneration [P]
A solar-powered mat to charge eclectic cars that will dominate the roads in the future years. [P]
A system that would have one slot for garbage and one for recyclables; it breaks down the waste, converts it into steam, and pipes takes it in the house for energy. [P]
A device that turns garbadge and biomass into usuable energy [P]
A machine that captures the energy from the waves and currents underneath the water and convert it into electricty [P]
A window in which the tint can be adjusted to help save money and use less energy to regulate the temperature in office buildings, and even homes [P]

This turbine, which has multiple sets of blades stacked vertically, will generate more power than earlier designs of wind turbines because the same amount of wind will cause more blades to rotate, thus producing more usable energy. [P]
A car that uses solid oxide fuel [P]
Recycling more water in a domestic settings [P]
A device for mitigating the amount of plastic circulating in the North Pacific's currents by using a portable moored harbor to collect and remove debris at strategic locations. [P]
A unique non-petroleum based lubricant made from biodegradable, environment friendly materials, is more cost efficient than petroleum, and at the same time it will not pollute marine environments worldwide. [P]
Holographic technology and motion sensors to create a realistic 3D environment that simulates aspects of medical procedures such as surgery in order to teach students how to act in certain medical situations. [P]
An underwater sensor attached to all marine craft that will alert, save, and protect all Florida's Sea Cows. [P]
A system that detects a personís identity through a blood and DNA test and checks through a database that contains all of the patientís medical history, preventing misdiagnosis and mistreatment due to language barrier, memory, and unconsciousness [P]
Changing the structure of the backpack so that it supports the backpackís weight and makes it lighter [P]
A device that detects the alchohol level in the driverís breath, the car would not start and police would be contacted if the driver is drunk [P]
A cast design that encompasses the four most important aspects of the healing process: rest, ice, compression and elevation. [P]
A device that dispenses people Vitamin D even if they donít have time to go outside. [P]

The chip, allowing photographic memory, lets soldiers quickly analyze and remember the battle terrain entirely. It will also be able to erase memories that can cause post-traumatic stress for soldiers. [P]
An injection of antibodies that would react with the skin cancer cells and make a patch of blue show up on your hand. This would help diagnose skin cancer a lot quicker and easier. [P]
A novel radiation treatment for brain tumors that causes minimal damage to brain tissue [P]
Antibiotics and correctly folded proteins that will fight cancer succesfully [P]
An endoscopic camera with microscopic zoom that can check if there are abnormal cells in the ovaries [P]
A viral detection bio-scanner that helps to prevent the spread of bacteria [P]
A burglar alarm that can stun the burglar for a period of time while waiting for the police to arrive [P]
Magnetic cars and roads in which cars would be "stacked" on top of each other, clearing space on the roads and consequently reducing traffic congestion [P]
A stealthy plan that is smaller, faster, and much harder to detect [P]
A system that will diminish hazardous results of senior citizensí driving habits [P]
Foam based car engine fire extinguisher that will cover the engine and gas tank to stop a fire. [P]
A new low drag design that will increase fuel mileage [P]
To fight traffic automobile accidents by converting intersections into modern, unsigned roundabouts. [P]
A laser sensor that communicates between the vehicle and traffic lights, in order to prevent vehicles from running lights and causing accidents or even deaths. [P]
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