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Novel diabetes management (K-3) [P]
Pipes that will not break as easily when water shrinks and expands as weather changes (K-3) [P]
“Rescue packs” that will protect nests, maintain safe temperatures for turtle eggs and provide a guide for turtle hatchlings to reach the ocean safely (K-3) [P]
A virtual playing field using GPS (K-3) [P]
Smart Safe Seat (4-6) [P]
Don't Sweat Over Dehydration (4-6) [P]
The GEbolaL suit is an improved protective suit that doesn’t allow Ebola germs to penetrate it while maintaining comfort for the wearer. (4-6) [P]
The GREEN Tablet, consisting of biodegradable inner electronic components, a sugar battery, and a reusable graphene shell. This will help reduce e-waste (4-6) [P]
A Revolutionary New Cochlear Implant (4-6) [P]
Means to obtain cheap shelter for the refugees, disaster victims, and the homeless (4-6) [P]
A novel Solution for bee colony collapse disorder (CCD) (4-6) [P]
Mini Camera Contact Lenses will give a person who has lost their vision the ability to see. (4-6) [P]
Preservation of Organic Food (7-9) [P]

Heat Utilizing Hearing Aids (7-9) [P]
Pre-symptomatic Alzheimer's Cranial Imaging (PACI) (7-9) [P]
A bracelet that monitors the child's body temperature at the wrist and notifies the parents by communicating with a modem using Blue-tooth. (7-9) [P]
Novel treatment for Cerebral Palsy (CP) (7-9) [P]
Regenerating amputated limbs (7-9) [P]
Preventing coronary artery disease (7-9) [P]
Non-Invasive Blood Test (7-9) [P]
Improving Recycling Methods Through Robotic Devices (7-9) [P]
Emergency-wear that can detect when a patient is experiencing an emergency and then transmit the patient’s location to authorities. (7-9) [P]
To expedite the processes of cancer diagnosis, we designed an at-home blood test modeled after diabetic glucose meters. (10-12) [P]
Alzheimer's treatment: delivering telomerase activators by breaking the blood-brain barrier (10-12) [P]
Fighting Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (10-12) [P]
Preventing antibiotic resistance to penicillin by replacing the genes that cause antibiotic resistance using gene therapy (10-12) [P]
A small, eco-friendly, energy alternative to lessen the use of fossil fuels (10-12) [P]
Correcting curve that adjusts for the individual can prevent, detect, and help fix various spinal and back problems (10-12) [P]
Preventing bleeding after taking blood thinning medicines (10-12) [P]
An eternal microbial cleansing device (EMCD) without the need to first identify the infectious agents (10-12) [P]
Use of Nanotechnology in Structure Based Drug Design for ALS (10-12) [P]
A Novel Treatment of PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) Using Dendrimers for Targeted Perineuronal Net Digestion (10-12) [P]
Nanoparticle-based Allergen Detection and Asthma Prevention Technology (10-12) [P]
Creation of New Viral Vector to Cure Huntington's Disease Utilizing Gene Therapy (10-12) [P]
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