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Shoulder Pads that Keep Players Safe from Overheating (K-3). [P]
SMARTdesk uses tools like a camera, pencil, ruler and a touch screen that work together with wireless technology (K-3). [P]
Cavity Prevention Detector (CPD) (K-3). [P]
The toothbrush of the future will have a special sensor that will detect if you still have bacteria on your teeth (K-3). [P]
The Scent Clock uses aromatherapy to help the body get better rest and wake up in the morning. (K-3). [P]
Walking stick for the blind that includes a braille keyboard, sensor, speaker, alarm and GPS (K-3). [P]
Playing soccer in the rain: chemicals that absorb water quickly and do not affect the environment and the way soccer is played (4-6). [P]
A physical barrier that can prevent kids from skating on the culverts (4-6). [P]
Support for patients and their families about to receive their Hearing the World's Silent Side (HWSS) implant (4-6). [P]
Uses sound and movement to create electricity (4-6). [P]
STREP-A-GUM will improve the test experience for patients, soothe infected throats, and alert parents and medical professionals to the presence of Strep (Streptococcus ) (4-6). [P]
Poseidon's Shield is a wetsuit that allows divers to reach the bottom of the ocean without being crushed by the pressure (4-6). [P]
The Tread Transforming Smart Car is a car that will be traffic, terrain, and weather aware (4-6). [P]

Inexpensive night vision contact lenses (4-6). [P]
A vest that calculates body fat and vibrates regularly to motivate users to exercise in order to lose excess fat and decrease obesity (7-9). [P]
A medicine or material in which patients with rheumatoid arthritis will be relieved of their joint pains and swellings permanently of for long periods of time (7-9). [P]
Extract bio-ethanol from algae, specifically blue-green algae, without actually killing it (7-9). [P]
Defeating Suicide Disease (7-9). [P]
Radiclear - A System to Filter Radium from Water by Using Magnesium Oxide Carbon Nanotube Technology (7-9). [P]
Scar-Aid: the chemical mediator bandage that will change the advancement of skin regeneration and the future of medical surgical procedures (7-9). [P]
How Bacteria Use Quorum Sensing (7-9). [P]
The Inductive Charging Unit On The Go (7-9). [P]
Revolutionary medical therapy to diagnose, monitor, and treat injuries and diseases while you sleep (7-9). [P]
One Cell Wonder was designed to eliminate Escherichia coli from contaminated water during hurricanes. (10-12). [P]
Robo Nurse is an autonomous robotic device that will help seniors to do many everyday tasks: dispensing of medications, blood pressure, blood sugar, and heart rate check and automatic alert calls to family and friends (10-12). [P]
The AlzDetect is a computer chip inserted into the nasal cavitiy that detects levels of beta-amyloid for possible diagnosis of Alzeimer's disease and send a message to the patient's physician (10-12). [P]

Solar and Wind Power applied by airplanes (10-12). [P]
(EEV - Energy Efficient Vehicles) that incorporates wind power as well as innovative natural gas to improve energy efficiency (10-12). [P]
Bark to the Future: Samsung designs 20,000 kennel featuring paw operated snack dispenser and a hot-tub [E]
A Novel Method of Water Collection for the Future (10-12). [P]
A Cure for Pancreatic Cancer: In a combination of nanotechnology and photothermal therapy, LANAPT eliminates tumor cells without any harmful side effects. (10-12). [P]
S.P.I.N.E.S: Spinal Pulse Inducing Neuron Electric Stimulator reestablishes connection of the neurons in the lumbar and cures paralysis by enabling lower body movement (10-12). [P]
Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Therapy to Treat Corneal Endothelium Damage (10-12). [P]
MIROR Technology effectively eliminates orofacial defects prenatally, eliminating any future need for operations or rehabilitation (10-12). [P]
Tourette Syndrome Treatment (10-12). [P]
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