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Reducing intersection accidents by using smart translucent film installed in windshields that receive signals from either traffic lights or satellites (K-3). [P]
Inexpensive solar and wind power by mimicking photosynthesis found in natural trees (K-3). [P]
A military helmet that is designed to protect soldiers from traumatic brain injury (4-6) [P]
Contact lens with a built-in nano-camera that sends streaming video to a computer chip implanted in the occipital lobe of a blind person (4-6) . [P]
Bacterial and Viral Detection and Screening (4-6) [P]
A water conservation system (4-6) [P]
Impeding the progress of an approaching wildfire (4-6) [P]
Subway Smart System (7-9) [P]
Enhancing inhalation for patients with breathing disorders (7-9) [P]
How to properly use a defibrillator during an emergency (7-9) [P]
Help relieve victims suffering from acid reflux (7-9) [P]
A prosthetic inner ear designed to cure deafness by allowing the human brain to process sound while bypassing the entire inner ear and auditory nerve (10-12). [P]
An alternative and a solution to the challenges of costly kidney transplants (10-12). [P]

Next Generation Nuclear Reactors (10-12) [P]
Medical Devices and Equipment for People affected with Bipolar Disorder (10-12) [P]
Futuristic handcuffs would administer shocks, drugs [E]
Solving the immobility of Multiple Sclerosis patients (10-12) [P]
Trinity researchers lead the design of a new futuristic eco-friendly aircraft that produces less noise pollution and carbon footprint. [E]
Futuristic "Solar Roadways" Could Power Entire Cities [E]
Pocket Buddy allows elders to easily check their body condition anywhere and anytime (10-12) [P]
Superman realized? Army tests load-lightening exosuits [E]
Detect Periodontal Gum Disease before actual pain appearance (10-12) [P]
A piezoelectric material that captures and magnifies sound waves from vehicles to transform the energy from the waves into electricity to power street lamps (10-12) [P]
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