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Middle School - Grades 7-9
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Can common phytohormones aid the early growth of food crops even in poor soil? [P]
Measure the ripening of unripe fruit induced by the plant hormone ethylene. [E]
Measure the ripening of unripe fruit induced by the plant hormone ethylene, by monitoring starch levels using an iodine solution. [E]
Determine if fruit size in tangelos could be increased by manipulating the tree by pruning or using a growth regulating hormone. [E]
What is the role of hormones in synchronizing fruit ripening? [E]
The Effect of Growth Hormones on Irradiated Lima Beans [E]
The effect of different concentrations of the plant growth substance IAA and gibberellic acid on the growth of roots and shoots [P]
Compare rate of plant growth using two different growth hormones [P]
The effect of estrogen on the growth of cruciferous vegetables [E]
The effect of Rootone hormone on plant growth [P]
What Are Plant Hormones?

High School - Grades 10-12
P=Project   E=Experiment
The Effects of Abscisic Acid on Growth of Unstressed and Stressed Brassica rapa [E]
Abscisic Acid (Plant Hormone) Effects on Cell Proliferation and Growth in Plants [E]
The Effects of Ethephon, Its Decomposition Products, pH, and Calcium on Berry Cracking in Flame Seedless Grapes [E]
Effect of Different Concentrations of IAA on Root Initiation [E]
Simple experiments to explain the role of phytohormones in plants [E]
The effect of soil salt stress on plant health, plant ethylene and ABA production. [P]
The effects of plant regulators (auxins and cytokinins) on different tomato genotypes [P]
Abscisic acid in the thermoinhibition of lettuce seed germination and enhancement of its catabolism by gibberellin [E]
What Are Plant Hormones?
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