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Primary School - Grades K-3
P=Project   E=Experiment
Do Plants Drink? [P]
Growing all year Long with grade one - grass, tulips and amaryllis. [P]
What need plants in order to grow? [P]
What is plant transpiration? [E] [P]
How does acid rain affect plants? [P]
Interdisciplinary Topic: Water
Elementary School - Grades 4-6
P=Project   E=Experiment
What effect does salty water have on plant growth? [E]
Does the pH of Water Affect the Growth of Bean Plants? [E]
Can you sustain a garden using gray water in an environmentally safe manner? [E]
Which plants survive the longest period of time without water? [P]
Do plants grow with a liquid other than water? [P] [P] [P] [P]
Which types of water can germinate and grow plants better? [P] [P]
The effect of water pH levels on the growth rate of plants [P]
The effect of water hardness on the germination of marigold seeds [P]
Which water evaporates faster: salt water, rain water, lake water or tap water? [P]
How different concentrations of salt water affect plants? [P]
Does too much water help plants grow more rapidly? [P]
The effect of the temperature of the water that is given to radishes on their growth. [E]
Interdisciplinary Topic: Water
Middle School - Grades 7-9
P=Project   E=Experiment
Automated Water Management and Monitoring System in Paddy Rice Fields [P] [P]
Build a model of a terraced irrigation system that uses flowing water to transport plastic beads. [E]
A moisture sensor based smart sprinkler system that integrates real time weather forecast data to provide only optimum levels of water required [E]
Reduced Irrigation Effects on Citrus Fruit Size [E]
Compare the efficiency of different types of irrigation: ditch (furrow) irrigation, terracing, overhead (sprinkler) irrigation, center pivot irrigation, lateral move (side roll, wheel line) irrigation, drip or trickle irrigation and subirrigation. [E]
Adjusting Your Sprinklers for Optimal Soil Moisture [E]
The Effect of Watering and Misting with Tea Solutions on Plant Growth [E]
The Effects of Fructose Enhanced Ocean Water on Rice Plant Growth [E]
The Effect of Different Watering Methods on the Growth of Peas [P]
The Effects of Ocean Water as an Irrigation Supplement on the Growth of Rice Seedlings [E]
Tthe effect of salinity of water on seed germination [E]
What are the effects of different liquids on plant growth? [P] [P]
What effect does chlorine have on plant growth? [P] [P]
The Effect of Potable vs. Gray Water on Radish Growth [P]
What is the effect of water temperature on the amount of color in spirogyra plants? [P]
Does flow rate affect water quality parameters (dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity, and temperature in a stream)? [P]
Electric conductivity as a measure of soil water content for use in watering plants. [E]
Test the effects of salt on canola and its transgenic lines (seed germination and plant growth). [P]
Interdisciplinary Topic: Water
High School - Grades 10-12
P=Project   E=Experiment
An eco-friendly method of sustainable water supply for agricultural fields [P]
Determine whether or not recycled (reclaimed) water would harm California native plant species. [E]
Use vegetable oil as a way to reduce water evaporation from soil by slowing the flow of underground water to the soil surface. [E]
Find the effects of different concentrations of two anionic Polyacrylamides, Amber 1200 and Stockopam, on water infiltration and flocculation in Chualar sandy loam soil. [E]
Determine if plants would die when a saline solution slightly less than the oceans was watered into the soil. [E]
What Can People Do to Conserve Water and Avoid Wet/Dry Spots [E]
pH levels in water and its effect on plants [E]
Will the applying of a low concentration of salicylic acid (SA) to green bean plants reduce damaging effects caused by exposure to salt water stress during early growth. [E]
Determine what type of nozzles have the least amount of drift on average (flat fan, Turbo TeeJet, air induction). [P]
The effect of different pH water levels on coloring agents (pigments) in different flowers. [P]

Interdisciplinary Topic: Water
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