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Primary School - Grades K-3
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Aquaponics For Kids [P]
What need plants in order to grow? [P]
Does the amount of fertilizer given to a plant affect its growth? [P]
Soil Organism Science Fair Projects and Experiments
What Is Hydroponics?
Elementary School - Grades 4-6
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Find out what type of grass sod grows back best after burning. [E]
Which soil absorbs the most water (soil saturation)? [E]
What is the best depth for growing bean plants in potting soil? [E]
Which works better with plants, potting soil or compost. [E] [E]
Determine how different soils affect the growth of pinto beans. [P]
Discover how much nutrients are in our soil (the amount of pH, potash, nitrogen, and phosphorus). [E]
The effect of different soil mixtures and types on plant growth [E] [P] [P] [P] [P] [P] [P] [P]
Do plants grow taller hydroponically or in soil? [P] [P]
The effect of soil moisture on plant germination and growth [P] [P] [P]
Which grasses grow best in which kind of soil pH? [P]
How Does Soil Texture Affect Water Infiltration? [E]
Soil Organism Science Fair Projects and Experiments
What Is Hydroponics?
Middle School - Grades 7-9
P=Project   E=Experiment
Compare the rate of growth and plant vigor of hydroponically grown plants to plants grown conventionally, in soil. [E]
Hydroponics: Gardening Without Soil [E]
Unique Simplified Hydroponic For Swaziland Poor Subsistence Farmers [P] [P]
How to increase traditional farming’s crop yield by low cost multi level farming with minimal effect on plants’ growth due to variable amount of sunlight? [P] [P]
Aquaponics, Hydroponics, or Soil Farming? Determining the Most Eco-Friendly Approach to Feeding the World [E]
Can common phytohormones aid the early growth of food crops even in poor soil? [P]
Determine the effects of different soil amendments on the absorption and retention rates of water in the soil. [E]
Investigated how planting depth of wheat seed affects its rate of emergence from the soil. [E]
Determine whether no-till or plow-based farming methods are best at retaining surface moisture and preventing surface runoff. [E]
How Will the Salt Percent Threshold of a Plant Affect Its Next Generation of Offspring? [E]
Measuring pH change in different soil types when acid is added. [E]
Dr. Dirt Activities [E]
Humic Acid and the Optimum Soil for Plants [E]

Determine whether or not an electric field would affect the growth of a snow pea plant. [E]
The Effect of Aeration on Compost [E]
Which method of hydroponics (bubbler method, ebb and flow, wicking) best supports plant growth? [E]
Determine the different amount of nutrients in soil, comparing potting soil and natural soil, as determined by duckweed. [E]
Measure the density and porosity of various samples of sand [E]
Use the line transect method to determine surface residue cover; identify crop effects on residue remaining after harvest; observe residue persistence (sorghum versus cotton, wheat, or soybeans) [E]
The influence of water, soil color, mulch, soil surface configuration on soil temperature [E]
The effect of particle size and water content on the ability of a soil to hold together [E]
Determine how different locations substrates affect the flow rate of water and their permeability to water and prove that drier climates increase the porosity of soil and sand substrates; therefore substrates closer to the center of the desert would have the highest flow rates. [E]
Calculated Permeability of Coarse Sand, Fine Sand, and Soil [E]
Determining the Longevity of Insecticide in Different Soil Types [E]
Determining the Ability of Various Soils to Prohibit Ground Water Contamination [E]
Analysis of soil samples for their components, ability to hold moisture, fertility and pH [P]
The Effect of the Type of Soil on the Amount of Chlorophyll in Bean Plants [E]
Determining the Effects of Nutrient Concentrations on Hydroponically Grown Lettuce [E]
Determining the effects of different nutrients on the height of hydroponically grown plants [E]
Determine how Hydroponic and Aeroponic growing systems compare to traditional soil based technology in terms of water consumption, root vigor, and growth rates. [E]
The Growth Rate of Poa pratensis in Pure Humus and Pure Humus Mixed with Sand [E]
Do plants grow better in water (hydroponics) or soil? [P] [P]
The best pH range of soil for plant growth [P] [P] [P]
The effect of soil type on the absorption of heat and water evaporation [P]
Absorption of pollutants in different soil types [P]
Soil temperature vs. seed sprouting [P]
Which soil amendment, wood ash, coffee grounds, or leaves, best enhances the development of pea and radish plants? [E]
Does organic material affect the absorbency of water in soil? [P]
The effect of Clearwater Crystals on the germination rate of mung beans [P]
The best soil mixture [E]
The evaluation of nutrient levels in orchard soils [P]
Are water storing granules (rain drops) in the soil helping to conserve water [E]
Electric conductivity as a measure of soil water content for use in watering plants. [E]
Soils as electrical systems [E]
Test the effects of salt on canola and its transgenic lines (seed germination and plant growth). [P]
Analyze the absorption of iron in collard greens in the presence of limestone. [E]
Soil Organism Science Fair Projects and Experiments
What Is Hydroponics?
High School - Grades 10-12
P=Project   E=Experiment
The Effect of Vertical Gardening on Soil Quality [E]
The Effect of Different Soil Textures upon the Permeation Rate of Water [E]
Explore Hydroponics. [P]
Determine which of four hay crops - barley, oats, vetch, or peas - is most tolerant of saline soils. [E]
The Effects of Mutualistic and Parasitic Fungus on Plant Growth and Their Soil [E]
A Study of Zinnia Growth in Four Different Soils [E]
Soil Acidity and Liming Overview [E]
What is the effect of changing particle size on the porosity of the soil? [E]
The effect of cover crop growth time on its effectiveness in enhancing plant growth [E]
The effect of burned soil on seed germination. [E]
How is soil quality affected by soil management? [E]
Soil Organism Science Fair Projects and Experiments
What Is Hydroponics?
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